Telehealth for St Vincent's Pathology

Welcome to St Vincent's Pathology Telehealth Support

Please complete the following instructions to submit our Interactive Pathology Request Form:

  1. Download (save) the Interactive Pathology Request Form to computer or device by clicking on the preview image
    or the link download Interactive Pathology Request Form.

  2. Open your saved pathology request form with Adobe Acrobat Reader 

  3. Complete pathology request form by typing into data input areas

  4. Save your completed pathology request form to computer or device

  5. Click on St Vincent's Securemail to send your Request securely to St Vincent's Pathology

  6. Fill in your email

    1. FROM: your email address

    2. SUBJECT: patient name and 'home visit' if required

    3. MESSAGE: special instructions

  7. Attach your completed pathology request form (as a Pdf document) by clicking 'Add Files' button to upload the request form.

    Click 'Send' button to send the pathology request form securely to St Vincent's Pathology

  8. OR print and fax to patient or the appropriate St Vincent’s Pathology Collection Centre

  9. Patient can attend any St Vincent’s Collection Centre
    see St Vincent's Pathology Collection Centres list for opening hours

Interactive Pathology Request Form