Clinical Trials and Research

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St Vincent's Pathology are able to provide an extensive range of pathology testing to support your clinical trial or research project.

To apply for Pathology research support:

  1. Download the Pathology: Request for research assistance form

  2. Submit the completed form along with your research protocol and a copy of the laboratory manual to

  3. Pathology Trials will review your application and protocol and determine the logistics for our involvement

  4. Pathology Trials will return a quotation for your application (current turnaround ~ 6 weeks)

  5. Applicant accepts and signs-off on the quotation and returns the signed copy to Pathology Trials

  6. Pathology Trials will prepare any required documentation and request forms for processing of the requested work (current turnaround ~ 6 weeks)

For specific requests about research support, please contact

Clinical Trials & Contract Testing

Natasha Jovanovic

Ph: +61 3 9231 1088