Our laboratory provides rapid and accurate full blood examinations, coagulation tests, cell analysis by flow cytometry and a comprehensive transfusion service including autologous collections.

We have three Haematologists available for the performance of bone marrow examination and consultation on all aspects of haematological abnormality with a specialty in haematological malignancy.

We provide a service of collection and preservation of haemopoietic stem cells for transplantation.

Most full blood counts are available within 15 minutes of reception in the laboratory; coagulation tests within 30 minutes, blood film examination 4 hours.  Crossmatched blood will normally be available within 45 minutes except where special blood types or products are required.

Phone (03) 9231 4226
We operate 24 hours per day 7 days a week

Our laboratory provides the following services:

  • Laboratory Haematology
  • Flow Cytometry and Stem Cell Preservation
  • Special Haematology
  • Quality Assurance

Blood Transfusion Laboratory

Open Hours - 24 Hrs a Day, 7 Days a Week
Tel: 03 9231 4227 or 03 9231 4228
or Fax: 03 9231 4200