The Immunopathology service at St Vincent's Pathology Melbourne is NATA-accredited to perform autoimmune serology, complement / protein studies and laboratory testing in allergy.

Our services include:

Extensive range of autoimmune serology testing

  • ANA, ENA, dsDNA, Nucleosomes, RF, anti-CCP ab
  • ANCA, GBM, anti-PLA2R antibodies
  • RNP Polymerase III, Scleroderma immunoblot, Myositis immunoblot
  • Tissue antibodies: Smooth muscle ab, Mitochondrial ab, LKM
  • F-Actin ab, Liver immunoblot (SLA/LP, Sp100, gp210, PML, LC-1, M2)
  • Gastric Parietal Cell ab, Intrinsic Factor Ab
  • Adrenal, Ovarian and Skeletal antibodies
  • Dermatology Profile ELISA (BP180, BP230, Desmoglein 1 and 3, Envoplakin, Collagen Type VII) & anti-skin antibodies (anti-skin basement membrane and intercellular cement substance antibodies)
  • Neuronal antibodies, anti-GM-1 IgG/IgM ab
  • Antiphospholipid antibodies; aCL IgG/IgM, B2GP1 IgG, B2GP1 IgM (upon request)
  • Coeliac serology: TTG IgA, DPG IgG

Complement/Protein Studies

  • C1 esterase inhibitor testing (functional/antigen)
  • C1q, C2, CH100 assays
  • Serum Free Light Chain (shared service with Chemical Pathology)
  • Protein Electrophoresis (shared service with Chemical Pathology)

Laboratory Allergy Testing

Pathologist Consultation


Dr Yang Tran, Supervising Immunopathologist, is available to discuss test requests and interpretation of test results

Ph: +61 3 9231 4590



Autoimmune Serology Section: 03 9231 4092

Allergy / Chromatography Section: 03 9231 4095

Complement / Protein Chemistry: 03 9231 4093