Dr Harshvardha Sheorey


A graduate of Nagpur (India), Dr Harsha Sheorey began his pathology training in 1979 at Government Medical College, Nagpur (India).  He became a Research Officer in Influenza (WHO Collaborating Centre) and later a Lecturer at the Department of Microbiology in the same institute.  He was later appointed Associate Professor in Microbiology at Grant Medical College in Mumbai (India).

After migrating to Australia in 1992, he undertook training in Microbiology and became a Fellow of Royal College of Pathologist of Australasia in 1996.

Dr Harsha Sheorey other career appointments include Microbiology Registrar at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Lecturer/Tutor at the University of Sydney, and Honorary Senior Lecturer and tutor and the Department of Microbiology & Immunology at the University of Melbourne.

His special interests in pathology are Parasitology and tropical diseases, Mycology and Ocular Microbiology.  He is also the author of Clinical Parasitology: A Handbook for Medical Practitioners and Microbiologists.