Patient Information for the Collection of the Female Mid Stream Urine Test

Female Patients

  1. Please write your full name, date of birth, date and time of collection on the jar provided.
  2. Wash your hands. Remove the lid from the jar and place within easy reach. Take care not to touch the inside of the lid or jar.
  3. Insert tampon in vagina.

    EXCEPTION: Very young patients and those who do not feel comfortable using a tampon.
  4. Sit well back on the toilet. Part the skin folds (labia) and with the 3 towelettes provided cleansing from front to back, use one towelette for each side and one for the middle.
  5. Continue to hold the labia apart after cleansing and commence passing urine for about 3 seconds, use your free hand to introduce the jar into the stream of urine and collect about half a jar or urine. Any remaining urine is passed into the toilet.
  6. Secure the lid firmly.
  7. Remove the tampon and discard.
  8. Deliver specimen to your local collection centre as soon as possible after collection (within 24 hours). Specimen should be kept cool (refrigerated) until delivered.

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