A/Prof Prue Russell


A/Prof Prue Russell graduated from Monash University’s Alfred Hospital Medical School in 1991 and when she started training in Anatomical Pathology in 1995, she wanted to be a Forensic Pathologist. However after spending much of her training in Anatomical Pathology at St Vincent’s Hospital where she was supervised by Professor Richard Williams, she saw the light and decided to be an Anatomical Pathologist. She completed training in Anatomical Pathology in 2000, receiving her Fellowship that same year. 

Her first position post-Fellowship was as a Fellow in Cytopathology at the Victorian Cytology Service and as a sessional Pathologist at the Royal Women’s Hospital. In 2002, she returned to the Alfred Hospital where she worked for the next 3 years gaining experience in Cardiovascular and Renal Pathology and continuing to work in the area of Cytopathology. 

In 2005, she returned to St Vincent’s Hospital where she has built up a Thoracic Pathology Service, working closely with clinical colleagues. She is also interested in research, particularly involving the sub-classification of lung cancer and related molecular associations. She is a co-author on several studies validating the new 2011 lung adenocarcinoma classification.