Recommendations Post Blood Collection

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Blood collection is extremely safe, however occasionally problems arise during or after collection. We have outlined below simple and appropriate steps to assist in the prevention of these problems.

Leave cotton wool swab or bandaid in place for 1 to 3 hours.

How to avoid bruising and/or bleeding from the needle site.

  • Limit the use of the arm (from which the blood was taken) for approximately 3–6 hours. This includes carrying heavy parcels or bags, gym work, gardening etc.
  • Try to avoid restrictive or tight clothing on the arm.


What to do in case of bruising and/or bleeding from the needle site.


  • Apply pressure and ice pack.
  • Please contact the laboratory if excessive bruising or swelling occurs


  • Lift your arm above your shoulder, keep your elbow straight and apply pressure directly over the needle site.


If required contact you requesting doctor or St. Vincent’s Pathology on 9231 2888