Faeces for Microscopy (MC&S and/or parasites)

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Your doctor has request you collect either one sample or two samples (on two separate days)


1 or 2 brown top container/s
1 or 2 green top container/s containing clear liquid.
Note: Green top specimen jar contains clear liquid which is hazardous and should be kept out of reach of children.


1. Please write on the jars provided:

  • Surname
  • Given Name
  • Date & time of collection
  • Date of Birth

2. It is important that the specimen is not contaminated with urine or water from the toilet bowl. Use an old ice-cream container or similar receptacle to catch the specimen.

3. Open the jar and using the scoop built into the lid, place a scoop of faeces (the size of a 10 cent coin) into the jar. Close lid firmly. Complete this process for 1 brown top jar and 1 green top jar. If your doctor has requested a second sample to be collected this MUST be collected on a separate day but within 7 days of the first sample.

4. On the same day of collection place specimen and request form in plastic bag provided and deliver to your local collection centre. If there is any delay, specimen should be refrigerated and delivered later in the day.