Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

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Important Details

  1. Maintain your routine daily activity.
  2. During measurements your arm and hand should be kept straight and still.
  3. The unit should be kept in the carry case at all times. Care should be taken not to drop or get the unit wet.
  4. This procedure is not painful; however, tightness will be experienced during inflation of the cuff. The frequency of inflation will decrease during the night.
  5. Press the “Day/Night” switch when going to sleep. Press the “Day/Night” switch once you have risen the following morning.
  6. If you experience symptoms similar to those you have discussed with your doctor, you should press the ‘event’ button once. The button is located on the front face of the monitor. If symptoms persist contact your doctor as soon as possible.
  7. In the event that you experience any problems with the Blood Pressure Monitor Unit, please contact our _________________ Collection Centre on phone number _________________

Alternatively, after-hours contact (03) 9231 2888 and request clinical assistance from the Patient Services Regional Co-ordinator at St. Vincent’s Pathology.