14C Helicobacter Breath Test (PYTest)

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The test capsule to be swallowed for this test (PYtest) contains urea tagged with faintly radioactive carbon 14, levels similar to daily background irradiation. The test is considered safe in pregnancy or in childhood. Should any patient or guardian have concerns they should discuss these with their doctor before proceeding with the test. The test capsule is Halal certified.


No appointment is necessary, however please note the following:-

Medication - Ensure that you have not had:-

  • Antibiotics or bismuth containing products for 4 weeks prior to test
  • Sucralfate for 2 weeks prior to test
  • Proton pump inhibitors for 1 week prior to test
  • Antacids and H2 Antagonists during fasting period

If you have had or think you might have had such medication, consult with your referring doctor for guidance. The test may need to be postponed.

Food and water - Ensure that you have not had:-

  • Food or drink (including water) for 4 hours (recommended 6 hours) prior to test
  • Patients may brush their teeth but not swallow any paste or water.

If this is not the case, wait for this time before collection.


If required contact you requesting doctor or St. Vincent’s Pathology on 9231 2888