Faecal Occult Blood Collection Instructions

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A stool (faeces) sample should be collected from each of 3 consecutive bowel movements. The three specimens should be delivered to your nearest St. Vincentʼs Pathology collection centre on the day the 3rd specimen is collected.

Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure your test results are accurate and reliable.


Specimens should not be collected in conjunction with the following conditions as they may interfere with the test results:

  1. Menstrual bleeding – wait 3 days after menstruation has stopped
  2. Bleeding haemorrhoids
  3. Constipation bleeding
  4. Urinary bleeding

Stool (Faecal) Collection:

  1. Please write your full name,date of birth and date and time of collection on the container provided.
  2. DO NOT urinate on the specimen or into the container in which the specimen is collected
  3. The stool (faeces) should be passed into a clean dry container such as an ice cream container which has been placed into the toilet bowl.
  4. Unscrew (large) BLUE cap of the Faecal Collection Tube and remove applicator stick (attached to cap).
  5. Randomly insert the Application Stick into the faecal sample from three (3) to six (6) times.
  6. DO NOT clump, scoop or fill the tube
  7. Return the Applicator Stick into the Faecal Collection Tube and tighten the cap thoroughly. Shake the tube vigorously up and down.
  8. Place in plastic bags provided.

Repeat all steps for the second and third bowel movements.


Deliver to your nearest St. Vincent's Pathology collection centre on the day the 3rd specimen is collected.