Dr Mary Jo Waters


After graduating from the University of Melbourne with an MSc in Pathology in 1976 Dr Waters studied Medicine at Monash University.  Pathology training commenced in the Department of Microbiology at St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne and was completed in the virus laboratory at Fairfield Hospital, now known as VIDRL, obtaining her fellowship in 1986.  Returning to St. Vincent's in 1988 Dr Waters worked as a consultant microbiologist and in 1995 was appointed Director of Microbiology. She served in this position for 25 years before stepping down in 2020.  

She has retained an interest in general microbiology, virology, ocular/obstetric/gynaecological microbiology and Infection Control.  In addition she has contributed to the management team of St. Vincent's Pathology and has focused on quality aspects of the Pathology Service.